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How Fingerprint Jewellery Is Made

I often get asked how fingerprint jewellery is made and I don’t blame people for asking as it always intrigued me from the moment I first laid eyes on┬áthese unique keepsakes.

The process starts from when you first make contact with me. I talk to all my customers about how they would like their fingerprint jewellery to look, from the shape they desire to the personalisation details and where they would like any writing placed.

I then send out a moulding kit in the post or meet up with customers if they are local to me in Bracknell, Berkshire. The moulding kit includes the putty that is needed to take the fingerprints. Once I have this back in my studio the fun begins. I really do enjoy making every piece of jewellery that I am commissioned.

Fingerprints set into the moulding putty


I create an inverted mould from the same putty used to take the fingerprints and press this into the silver clay, along with any writing. Once I am happy with the placement of the print and writing I finalise the cut of the shape and leave the clay to dry.

This is what a piece of fingerprint jewellery looks like before – just a ball of silver clay

The charm then goes through a meticulous round of sanding to ensure that it’s smooth and there are no imperfections. Once I am happy with this, it then gets fired at a very high temperature to burn of the binder. Once this process is over I have a piece of fine solid silver that needs some serious polishing. I tend to do this part in front of the TV and I actually find it very therapeutic – although my thumbs to tend to hurt a bit afterwards.

Et voila…Here is a piece I finished just this week using a new dove shape.

I love this dove shaped charm that I created this week
I love this dove shaped charm that I created this week

Please do let me know if you have any questions about the process. It is rather time consuming but I do love doing what I do and hearing the feedback from my customers when they receive their precious pieces really is priceless.

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