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Don’t buy her flowers on Mother’s Day

mother's day flowers

Don’t buy her flowers on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is on the 26th March this year (if you didn’t already know) so we are starting to think about what we would like. Of course we would be more than happy with a homemade card and a lovely bunch of flowers from our little ones but it’s always a great surprise to get something special and out of the ordinary.

For those of you reading this who are Mum’s then feel free to pass it on to whoever will be buying your Mother’s Day gift 😉 (only if you really don’t want flowers and would like a piece of our jewellery instead).


Here are 5 reasons not to buy flowers for Mother’s Day this year:

1. They don’t last very long

I love flowers, they are pretty, they brighten up the home but they don’t last very long. A week or so after Mother’s Day they will sadly have to go in the bin, so what’s the point?

2. They’re not very imaginative

The flower industry (if it’s called the flower industry) makes so much money and flowers get brought/sent every single day, so it’s not the most imaginative gift is it?

3. You can’t wear flowers

Unfortunately flowers are just for vases. You can’t wear them, they just sit there and look pretty.

4. You can’t take them anywhere

As above, you can’t take them anywhere either.

5. You  can’t personalise flowers

Apart from sending a note with the flowers, you can’t really personalise them.

So the point I am trying to make is put a bit of thought in to your Mother’s Day purchase. I’m sure she would really love a piece of our keepsake jewellery with her children’s actual prints on. Our jewellery is handmade with love, it lasts forever (with a bit of care), it can be worn everyday if she chooses to and it’s 100% personalised. She will also love you forever (I am sure she will anyway but this will put you in the good books) 😉

mother's day gift ideas


If you need to order in time for Mother’s Day then please order and have prints back by the 3rd March.

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