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Being a Mum is all about…

being a mum is all about

Being a Mum is all about…

A few weeks ago I launched a prize draw on Facebook and Instagram where I asked our lovely followers what “Being a Mum is all about”. I was blown away by the response and the entries were funny, emotional and so very true! A few of the general themes included “never peeing alone”, “the unconditional love”, “never putting yourself first anymore” and “sneaking off to eat chocolate in secret”. I think we’ve all done that last one haven’t we?

Here are a few of my favourites that I wanted to share ahead of celebrating Mother’s Day this Sunday.

“Being a mum is all about the little people always. I’ve 4 kids and work full time. They come 1st everytime . Sacrifice to provide! wisdom to teach! love till you burst !Sleep never (plus its over rated) never pee alone. Shower with an audience. Laughing out loud huge belly laughs. Kisses tickles oh my days the piles of ironing. But its worth it xxx” – Emma Whitter

“Being a mum is all about making sure your children get the best in life no matter what it takes from you – early mornings to late nights when they cry to when they smile. And through the good and bad share all that they have and give all that you can x” – Carmel Breffit

being a mum is all about

“Being a Mum is all about sneaking yummy chocs when little one isn’t looking 😋” – Lauren Meyer

“Being a Mum is all about feeling that gush of love in your heart when your baby is born and keeping that protective, encouraging, unimaginable love whilst you nurture and raise your children. From that first giggle the the first day at school, it makes you wake up with a smile and gives you Drive and reason. X” – Kerryanna Atkinson

“Being a mum is all about never pooing in peace again!! 😂 Being a mum is all about those wonderful, precious kisses and cuddles and giggles and appreciating just how amazing your own mum is and everything she does ❤❤❤❤❤” – Elizabeth Earle

“Being a mum is all about the joy and happiness my baby girl brings me. From the day she was born she changed my life, I was extremely depressed but having my princess brought me all the happiness I could ever wish for she literally saved me, I am so happy I have her! 💕” – Roxanne Turner

being a mum is all about

“Being a mum is all about having that one smile first in the morning to shine you through the day. My little boy is always happy to see daddy and I when we wake, and this pure act more than makes up for the rotten tantrums that come at the end of the day, when he’s all tuckered out but doesn’t want to sleep.” – Lindi Smith

“Sadly I haven’t any children of my own but I brought up my 2 younger brothers, younger sister and elder brother when mum died. To me it meant I would do anything in my power to keep them safe, clothed and fed. I would walk with holes in my shoes so I could get what they needed. My love was unconstitutional.” – Sharon Freemantle

If you want to see all of the entries you can have a looked here. The print kits have been sent out to our two lovely winners and I cannot wait to make their overlapping coins necklaces soon.

Overlapping coin handprint necklace, inspired by Holly Willoughby's coin necklace

I truly hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day however you may be celebrating. I hope your day is filled with love from your little ones because that is what being a Mum is all about.

Lisa x

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